Jewelry Care


What type of metals are used?

Our jewelry uses 100% recycled sterling silver, 14k and 24k Keumboo gold. The metal is specified in each product description.

AE Jewelry is made to last, but they are still made from soft metals and with constant dropping or banging the piece will weaken it over time. Be especially aware of your fingers when wearing rings, and remove them for any intense activity such as exercising, cleaning, cooking or gardening. 

Our recommendation is to occasionally clean your jewelry with a mild soap, a soft toothbrush and warm water; rinse in warm water and promptly dry with a soft cloth.  

It’s a good idea to do an annual service with. a professional jeweler for some of your jewelry, in particular to check clasps and loose stones.

stone care:

We use natural stones and all stones come with different hardness.  Many natural gemstones and are sensitive to cleansers, water, heat and light. Please be aware that stones may break if they come into contact with a hard surface. Exposure to these elements can affect color and luster. 




I provide a one-year warranty on all of my fine jewelry from the date of completion on all items. AE Jewelry is made to withstand  years of normal wear and tear. If for some reason your piece breaks due to flaws in the craftsmanship, we will happily repair it within the first year of purchase. We are not responsible for mistreated, lost or stolen jewelry.

 We recommend tracking & insuring your pieces for the full amount if sending them to us.  We are not responsible for merchandise until it reaches our shop. 


*Any repairs or work not done by AE Jewelry will void this warranty.