Business Practices


My goal is to use the most green practices that I can in my studio and in individual pieces. My metal is a combination of recycled, repurposed and ethically sourced. My stones are from small lapidary artists located in the US, and eventually the faceted gemstones will be exclusively repurposed or ethically mined with certification. In my studio I choose to use low or nontoxic cleaners, polishing compounds and patinas. Jewelry can be a demanding product on our planet, but it doesn't have to be. By supporting small artists and using green practices you can have beautiful treasures without making a negative impact. 

By supporting me and my dream to be a self employed artist you are supporting a living wage, my family, ethical and environmental practices. We thank you for it.


Giving Back


Because we all share this world, I find it important to support each other as much as one can. I believe with help (and we all needs some at some point)  we are able to focus on making this a better world in the present and for the future, and not just in our daily survival.  As part of my business I would like to give back to issues that I find important. Arielle Espinosa Jewelry makes regular contributions to the following organizations:

Social & Diaspora:

Black Alliance for Just Immigration


Sunrise is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.

PARLEY Where creators, thinkers, and leaders raise awareness for our oceans.


CERF+The Artists Safety Net. Helping artists get on their feet after a disaster.

Toolbox Initiative Collects donations of new or gently used tools, silver scraps,delivering them directly to hardworking jewelers, primarily in West Africa.


I try to keep an equal distribution or have funds go where there is a immediate need. You are always welcome to add an additional donation, please message me for further instructions.