There are many artists and cultures that inspire me and influence my style, from the self taught to the formally trained, I fit somewhere in the middle. My work reflects my love of patterns, texture and organic shapes found in nature combined with my interest in kinetics and form. I enjoy contrasts of metals and surface treatments; organic and industrial, heavy and light, rough and refined. Another strong influence with my aesthetic is my love for African culture, especially from the Horn of Africa. The Islamic influence in textiles speaks to my love of patterns and nature.

PNW Living

I have found myself back where I started, in the rainy Pacific NW. After a brief hiatus in the Midwest the ocean has called us back. I am finding inspiration in the tall trees, the smell of salty water and the crustaceans that inhabit it. My partner works long hours so that I may create art and I am forever grateful to him for allowing me the freedom to do what I love. My journey has been with ups and downs, ins and outs, but here I am, and I am filled with so much excitement and gratitude!